• Sprouts is magical?

    Sprouts is magical?

    I asked him, "can I brag about you to somebody about you? Like a boss or anyone?" He said anyone in a blue shirt is management. I said like that guy? and pointed to a blue-shirted sprouts worker walking by. He said yes and then he called over Joe.
  • I created a whole movement to remind myself to Love...ME?

    I created a whole movement to remind myself to Love...ME?

    I didn't recognize myself first and validate myself first. I still thought it was selfish, I was still trying to find ways to please everyone else. If I could make them happy then I will feel satisfied.  If I get more styles of heart shaped glasses, If I make more posters, if I create more excitement, more impact, more, more, more. It's not enough, it's never...
  • Hear their pause.

    Hear their pause.

    If you listen close enough you will hear it, you will hear that pause from another woman. It's that classic pause of self-doubt, of not wanting to bother people, of not wanting to be a burden, of not wanting to take up space, of wanting to be “nice” to everyone except themselves. Listen close. Hear their pause.
  • Sometimes we are jerks!

    Sometimes we are jerks!

    She smiled this beautiful motherly smile and she gave me so much grace and said” We all have bad days hunny.”
  • What did I do to you?

    What did I do to you?

    I'm over like thinking...Uhm what did my chalk pens or I ever do to YOU? Anyway, she kept scanning and kind of chucking things into the bag and I was really getting mad. I mean do you have a problem with me? Do you have something you want to say? Do I need to get loud? Do I need to get a manager involved?...
  • Live, Laugh and Defend your fashion choices!

    Live, Laugh and Defend your fashion choices!

  • Choosing love includes YOU!

    Choosing love includes YOU!

    You know what I realized much later though? This was never about her. As much as I wanted to blame her for her manipulative ways, this was always about me allowing someone to guilt me into doing something that I’m not sure that I wanted to do.
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