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Tara's Love Notes

I created a whole movement to remind myself to Love...ME?

by Love Glasses Revolution 18 Sep 2021 1 comment


When I started the Love Glasses Revolution almost 6 years ago I was a different person then. I was constantly seeking validation through others and  I let other people determine my worth. I didn't even realize I was doing that and once I did I realized that I had done it for most of my life. I never looked to myself for validation. Was I proud of who I was? When I looked in the mirror was I happy with the person that I saw?

What a journey. As an American Muslim trying to find her way in the world and prior to the 2016 elections? I was screaming for love before all the rhetoric and hate crimes and bullying only intensified my craving to belong. I created a whole movement choosing love for myself and others. Well to be honest mostly for others because I had not yet recognized my own worth or the fact that I was not loving myself. Oh boy did I show up with my "Love For All" posters and banners. I was so loud and proud screaming "Just love each other!" and not even recognizing the hypocrisy that I was someone too. 

I didn't recognize myself first and validate myself first. I still thought it was selfish, I was still trying to find ways to please everyone else. If I could make them happy then I will feel satisfied.  If I get more styles of heart shaped glasses, If I make more posters, if I create more excitement, more impact, more, more, more. It's not enough, it's never enough...and I'M not enough.

Until I recognized it was enough and it is enough and that I am enough. I realized that this whole time, this whole movement, this whole concept screaming for the world to love each other was maybe my way of reaching me, of reaching myself.

Funny how loud it had to get for me to hear. That is why I am now hyper focused on Self-Love and reminding others that it's ok to love people IF they remember that they are people too.

I love to create beauty and shared human experiences. I love to story tell and report back to you the things that I learn. This is why I created the Brave Girl, Love Yourself Coloring Book. It was my way of taking it back to the basics and figuring out what it looks like along the way. It's ok to start over and decide who you want to be or even don't want to be. It's ok to grow and to learn. I hope you love it as much as I do and I wanted you to know why it meant so much to me. 

 Check out the coloring book, it's on our website and Amazon if you want. It's going to be the first of many expressions of Self-Love and it's a work of love directly from my heart to yours. 



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1 comment

28 Jan 2022 Marianne Hudspeth
I need to hear this so much. Thank you dear Tara for reminding me to think of myself too. Maybe even first.

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