There was a time when we didn’t feel the love. The world in general felt dark. Using our love glasses we started to create the world that we wanted to see. Actively looking for ways to connect or engage with humans everywhere became the mission! We have been known to hand out love glasses to humans all along this road called life. We’ve given away thousands of pairs over the course of our journey and your purchases help us spread the love wherever we go!

Morocco Small Village - Ghojdama

Visiting Morocco and delivering schools supplies, boots, gloves and socks to the students of a small village in Morocco called Ghojdama, about 120 km from Marrakech.

We traveled about 4 hours from Casablanca where Adnane grew up, to Ghojdama the village where his dad was born and some if his family still lives there, we had to drive about an hour on a dirt road, to get to the village, once we got there we were greeted by his family that walked us to their house.

Life is simple at the village, the land is big and the people are so welcoming, they would do anything to make sure you are happy and enjoying your stay there, to see what we did and how we got there, plus how we helped the small and only school there please watch click on the button below. 


Hillside Elementary School - El Paso

After the tragic events that happened in EL Paso, we decide to go visit the couple elementary schools, we wanted to show them that people loved them and that everything is going to be ok 

This was our first visit, the teacher from Hillside Elementary school is the one that started it all, she wrote a post about sending letters of support to the students, we had to answer the call but do something better, we wanted to drive all the way there to show them that the whole world loves them, if someone is willing to drive hours to spread hate, we wanted to drive hours to spread love and make sure they understand that there are a lot  more people that love them.

A short video about our trip to El Paso to deliver Love Glasses to the students and teachers of Hillside Elementary School, we absolutely enjoyed our time there and got to meet so many amazing people along the way.We got to attend the services of Mr Antonio Basco's wife and the Memorial outside of WalMart.


Tom Lea Elementary School - El Paso

We decided to make to the trip to a second elementary school in El Paso to spread the love.We visited Tom Lea Elementary School, hope you enjoy it, the students and teachers were excited to get their Love Glasses.

It's always nice to see the kids smiling and excited about getting their love glasses, we hand delivered 1200 kids and adult love glasses, we wanted to do our part so they know there are a lot more people that love them and care about them.

Join Us, Let's make the world a better place

We are on mission to change the world, we want you to be part of the love revolution, let's work together and make the world a better place

Self Love is what we strive for

A self-love journey can be incredibly difficult, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. After learning to love yourself you may find improvements in your relationships, motivation and sense of self. We all need to be reminded that we are worthy of love. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working on loving yourself for years, or if you’ve just started today. Here are five techniques you can use on your self-love journey.

Sometimes it can be hard to stick up for yourself, especially when people comment on your insecurities. Many people find that envisioning their inner child gives them a bit more confidence. If someone were to criticize a child for things that they cannot control, we are more likely to stand up for that child than we are for ourselves. So, when you are faced with a comment about yourself, imagine that it is being said to your inner child. From there, decide what course of action you should take. Even if you don’t stand up for yourself in the moment, be sure that you take some time to think about what that comment means to you and to reassure yourself.

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