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Tara's Love Notes

Love & Coffee, A Hilton Love Story...

by Love Glasses Revolution 06 May 2023 0 Comments
I woke up early one morning and wanted coffee. When I went downstairs to the little store where they serve to-go coffee and there was a line wrapped around from one end to the other. It was a long line.
I got this lightbulb idea to walk over to the sit-down breakfast cafe and there were two hostesses that were sitting down behind a podium and waiting to seat people. One didn't really make eye contact with me but the second hostess was clearly a people person and a morning person too.
I politely asked her if it would be possible to get a cup of coffee to go. She was really sweet and told me that there was a store around the corner that served coffee to go. I told her Yes I had visited it first but the challenge was that there was quite a line out the door and I had hoped there might be another option rather than waiting in the long line.
She paused and smiled and said, "Well I can get you a 12 oz cup of coffee but it's just plain." I told her that is exactly what I wanted. I said if it's not too much trouble I would be most grateful. She went and got the coffee for me. It took her a few minutes to get everything together and she did that for me. I had no expectations, I just asked for what I needed and she responded with care and kindness.
I tipped her $3 because I had that in my purse. She told me that no one ever gave her that to get them coffee before. She seemed so surprised. I told her that what she did for me was worth its weight in gold.
Funny enough Deedra and I decided to eat at this place about 10 minutes later and she was the one that seated us and she hung around just wanting to express so much gratitude for how kindly I had treated her. What is funny is I was trying to convey to her how kindly she treated ME lol. She said that she could feel good energy and she just wanted to tell me that she too likes to spread good energy and love and make someone's day when she can. It was like a whole love fest for a few minutes at our table and she left and then returned with these little cards that gave Deedra and me a complimentary coffee each which we used the next morning.
After she gave me the cards I went to my room and filled a tote bag of love and you should have seen how wild with excitement SHE got when I gave her a whole Love Glasses Arizona Tote Bag with some Love Glasses and some love swag!
From the simplest and most mundane things, we ended up connecting on such a deeper level. I put it in my mind that I was going to ask, I was going to advocate for myself. I was going to be brave and I was going to be ok with whatever the outcome was.
The outcome far exceeded any expectation that both she and I had, I can assure you from a to-go order.
I promise you, it's never just about the coffee...


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