Sometimes we are jerks!

In the spirit of humanness I wanted to share. I needed to share.
Short story long, I had a frustrating experience at Macy’s. I bought some pants and wanted to use my Macy’s card for the discount. The cashier said something was wrong with my card (there wasn’t) and we had a 20 minute embarrassing ordeal holding up a line of people and it was a whole humiliating thing. In this process I left the bag that I had just bought from the makeup counter and didn’t realize it until the next day.
I called Macy’s and after an hour hold got through to Lost & Found. They found bag and told me I could come pick it up anytime. We went that evening and I had decided to return the pants that I was so certain that I was going to keep that I removed tags.
When I went to return the pants I had never met this cashier before and I just so frustrated. I didn’t want to be here again and was still holding on to my annoyance from the night before. It was a million degrees and I was absolutely in a mood.
The cashier asked me if I had the tag to the pants and I gave them to her. She said “This isn’t the right tag for these pants.” She was right, they weren’t but all I could hear was my big open mouth stating very curtly to her “You are going to make this a problem aren’t you.”
She looked up at me and said quite sweetly. “I don’t intend to, I just need the correct tag to put this back into inventory but if we don’t find it we will make a new one. No problem!”
I sat there fighting back tears and feeling fraudulent in my love glasses that were on top of my head. I told her “I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve that. I took my frustration directly out on you.”
She smiled this beautiful motherly smile and she gave me so much grace and said” We all have bad days hunny.”
Oh God how I beat myself up over this for a long time before I came to FB to share this moment of humanity. You see? Every transaction isn’t one of unicorns and rainbows. It is not and it cannot be. That doesn’t mean though that you are not a good person, not a good human. We can all be jerks sometimes and that is just the reality of it.
In the words of the Macy's Master of Mercy, “Hunny, we all have bad days.”

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