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Tara's Love Notes

Sprouts is magical?

by Love Glasses Revolution 31 Dec 2021 1 comment
Seriously, it's another Sprout's story...
I am in charge of the charcuterie board. So there I am digging around looking the deli for a beef salami and this angel named Jason with big brown eyes and a warm greeting is like "May I help you?" Like a SINCERE may I help you? gave me pause.
"First of all, thank you for the kind offer, second of all can you help me find this beef salami? I'm in charge of the cheeseboard this year." He smiled and went around the counter and took me on a tour of sprouts deli and together we found things that would work. He asked, "what else are you having?" I replied. "Every kind of cheese I could find that sounded fancy, olives, crackers, and nuts and fruit." He's said well done! That is literally what I would do! That deli superhero gave me all the tools and the confidence that I could build this board. Now if he can just give me the confidence to pronounce the word charcuterie. 
I asked him, "can I brag about you to somebody about you? Like a boss or anyone?" He said anyone in a blue shirt is management. I said like that guy? and pointed to a blue-shirted sprouts worker walking by. He said yes and then he called over Joe.
Joe came over and Jason said, "she would like to tell you something." Joe looked pale and you could see he was just tightened up ready to receive what I had for him.
I said. "Joe, JASON is extraordinary. He helped out, complete with a smile, and strolled me around Sprouts , and gave me all the encouragement that I need that I can put on an exceptional spread of spreads. I said seriously he went above and beyond to help me. He smiled and he let out a visible exhale and said. "Thank you. Thank you for telling me that. I've been having people want to talk to me all day and you are the first one that had something good to say." He said I give rewards like free lunch or something comparable to our employees when they receive a compliment. I said well, I'm coming back to this location because of Jason. He said well Jason then I'm giving you two rewards!
I went to check out and wasn't sure if the register was open and Ian the cashier gave me a huge smile and he said are you ready to check out young lady? OH, DEAR LORD! He had me at the young lady. As we were laughing Joe walked by and I asked Joe how many compliments can I give in a day? Is there a limit? How much is going to cost you because Ian made my day too!
He said no limit, keep em coming! 🙂
We all stopped and talked at the register for several minutes about the fact that life is hard but we all decided we were going to keep choosing to make the best decisions we can in the moment. #loverebels
These types of interactions literally make me giddy and I can't help but share because they are nothing short of magical.


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1 comment

28 Jan 2022 Kega Nasios
This is such a simple, but impactful thing to do. Why don’t we all spread the love?

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