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Tara's Love Notes

What did I do to you?

by Love Glasses Revolution 18 Jun 2021 0 Comments
I was at Michaels the hobby craft store. Sometimes I go with something in mind but if not I can get lost for hours in there. HOURS.
I had finished shopping and was weaving through the checkout line and when it got to my turn I put my things on the counter and the cashier just kind of gave me a look and really started to aggressively ring up the items.
I'm over like thinking...Uhm what did my chalk pens or I ever do to YOU?
Anyway, she kept scanning and kind of chucking things into the bag and I was really getting mad. I mean do you have a problem with me? Do you have something you want to say? Do I need to get loud? Do I need to get a manager involved? Just so many choices.
Suddenly my intuition just told me to take a step closer to the counter and I asked her gently the simplest of words, "Are you ok?"
God as my witness she stopped in her tracks made eye contact with me and started to cry.
She was not with me, she was not present, something was going on in her world that had nothing to do with me except but me and my chalk pens were getting the brunt of it.
She said she was having the worst day and each thing was worse than the next and she said that she was so sorry. I asked her if I could give her a hug. She literally leaned over the counter and hugged me and I didn't let go until she did.
As I was walking away she mouthed the words "Thank you." and I just smiled and I never drew a damn thing with those chalk pens but who cares. I wasn't there for them. I was there for her.


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