• Become your OWN Self-love advocate!

    Become your OWN Self-love advocate!

    Trigger warnings: Weight and body shaming, some swearing because I wrote this right after it happened and I kept it real. Made an appt for an MRI today (I'm fine just establishing baselines) and asked the rep for the open MRI. She said they do not have open bore MRIs. She asked me height and weight and I told her. She made the appointment...
  • Hear their pause.

    Hear their pause.

    If you listen close enough you will hear it, you will hear that pause from another woman. It's that classic pause of self-doubt, of not wanting to bother people, of not wanting to be a burden, of not wanting to take up space, of wanting to be β€œnice” to everyone except themselves. Listen close. Hear their pause.
  • Sometimes we are jerks!

    Sometimes we are jerks!

    She smiled this beautiful motherly smile and she gave me so much grace and said” We all have bad days hunny.”
  • What did I do to you?

    What did I do to you?

    I'm over like thinking...Uhm what did my chalk pens or I ever do to YOU? Anyway, she kept scanning and kind of chucking things into the bag and I was really getting mad. I mean do you have a problem with me? Do you have something you want to say? Do I need to get loud? Do I need to get a manager involved?...
  • Standing up for yourself with Love is so powerful.

    Standing up for yourself with Love is so powerful.

    "Quietly, softly and humbly, the words just tumbled out from my heart as I placed my items on the conveyor belt, and looked directly at her. "I couldn't help but notice that you opened your register and then you looked at me and it seemed that I was next but you then looked away and chose someone else and I just wondered why did...
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