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Tara's Love Notes

Standing up for yourself with Love is so powerful.

by Love Glasses Revolution 18 Jun 2021 1 comment
One time I was at Sprouts and it was getting busy where people were standing in long lines. They called for another cashier and she opened up a line and I was next in line and she looked at me and made eye contact and I had fully expected her to wave me towards her line. What happened though is she blank-faced looked away and called someone that was 3 lines over.
It felt personal. I felt dismissed. I felt hurt. It felt unfinished.
I got out of my line and went behind the gentleman that she chose and stood in her line. I had no clue what I was going to do or say but I felt there was more to this transaction of humanity. I just wanted to be seen and I had to know why. I needed clarity.
Quietly, softly and humbly, the words just tumbled out from my heart as I placed my items on the conveyor belt, and looked directly at her. "I couldn't help but notice that you opened your register and then you looked at me and it seemed that I was next but you then looked away and chose someone else and I just wondered why did you do that??
She then looked up at me, she really saw me and her blank face softened and she said "I really don't know why I did that." and really looked like she meant it.
I felt that I wanted to lift her back up. My goal is to not tear her down it is to connect. It's always to connect. I replied, "it's ok, I guess we're just supposed to meet today and I smiled.
She smiled a huge smile back and said "I guess we were and I'm really glad you got in my line."
Sometimes I have found that the most powerful human moments come around the most ordinary things like shopping at Sprouts. There can be pure magic in moments and it is like you take that one moment and time stands still and there is so much complexity happening within that one moment in time.
I was hurt, I was mad at first. As an intuitive person, I felt dismissed but wanted to make sure because hey in our humanness I could be wrong.
I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt but I couldn't stay silent. Some of the strongest moments of my life have been spoken quietly and softly. We don't always have to yell or rage to be heard. We just have to be brave. I've made some of the most amazing friends out of situations that you would think had zero hope. Those are the most fun for me:).
I just recognize that my greatest desire/need/value is to connect authentically to another human being and I prefer heart to heart because it's in that heart space that I want to connect again. That's where the magic happens.


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1 comment

02 Jul 2021 Joy

Hi Tara, I first met you when we talked on the phone after I had read about you in our local paper. I called to order several pairs for me. Since then I have worn them in many countries. Once in Mexico, our waiter was so taken with them, he asked to try them on. I got out my mirror so he could see how good he looked and he had such a huge smile on his face I gave them to him.
Many people have stopped me on the street to compliment them and each time I tell them your story.
I have bought many pair and given them to friends and people I meet. Thank you, Joy

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