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Tara's Love Notes

Take up the space..

by Love Glasses Revolution 14 Aug 2021 0 Comments
I was telling my dad last week about an experiment I did at the mall one day. I had just read that people who say sorry a lot and just get out of the way quick can be oftentimes disappearing themselves. They think they are being kind but really they are oftentimes saying to everyone else, you are more important than I am. Let me get out of your way.”
The idea was not to bowl people over in the mall but to rather not shrink away every single time that someone comes close. Sometimes it’s ok to let them move.
So I tried it. With my hot pink hijab and Love Glasses, I squared back the shoulders and sashay through the mall deliberately taking up space. I didn’t shrink and say I'm sorry every. single. time. Someone passed me. I just walked and you know what happened? People Walked around me when they could and we could BOTH take up the space. If I was slow they could go around and it was ok! It was a new kind of secret power. 
Also if you do almost collide with someone just try “excuse me” not “I’m sorry” unless you have decided you are sorry for taking up the space that you deserve. Learn to pause and ask yourself every time you say you are sorry "Have I actually done anything wrong here?" 
Let’s unlearn together.
#loveglassesrevolution starts with us.


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