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Tara's Love Notes

Always feeling tied down

by Love Glasses Revolution 10 Oct 2022 0 Comments
A gentleman approaches my tent in a row of several other tents including some corporate ones. He says, "You know, I see you don't have any tie-downs!"
I said, "You are right! I left them home with about 5 other things I needed."
He proceeded..."You have to be really careful. A gust of wind could pick up your tent and blow it in the parking lot and cause a lot of damage."
I said, "I totally agree with you that the wind can come up quick, we normally do have them!"
He again went on to inform me. "I was at an event one time just like this and it did over $100,000 in damage so you just need to be careful!"
"Yes, definitely", I replied.
I leaned in toward him and gave him a head nod along my row.
With a slightly mischievous look, I said "I'm just curious, did you let everyone else know? It's hard to believe that these corporate tents are much busier and bigger with events than I am and they must have forgotten their tie-downs too!"
He takes a long look and nods his head and replies: "Oh huh! Well, would you look at that?"
As he was walking away he approached my amazing friend Heather and commented on her dress to which she was polite and quietly thanked him and he proceeded to ask if she was shy to which she replied "yes" so she could avoid any further conversation with him. He told her. "Oh, you shouldn't be shy!"
The man proceeded to ask her if she was a model.
Without skipping a beat, I jumped in and answered "Oh no she's not but I am!"
He looked a little confused and kind of mumbled and walked away. That's ok though, I know he was busy letting that whole long row of corporate tents know what could happen when they don't have their tie-downs. 🤣
#Loveglassesrevolution #WomenStandWithWomen #UpliftNotTieDown


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