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by Love Glasses Revolution 05 Jun 2019

"LOVE GLASSES are amazing, stylish and FUN to wear but they are more than that. They are a symbol and statement that you are choosing to see the good and BE the good in the world. It's a message to the world that you live on your own terms and you write your own narrative. There are only 2 “asks” to join the LOVE GLASSES REVOLUTION 1. We ask you to take the Love Glasses Revolution Pledge and say “I choose to view the world with Love”. 2. WE ASK YOU TO SHARE THE LOVE! Literally share all the GOOD and random acts of kindness on facebook and Instagram using #LoveGlassesRevolution. They can be selfies, stories, good deeds. Share the good, share wide and share far. We need it more now than ever!"


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The LAST 11 Pair of Berry Frameless! WoW - Love Glasses Revolution
We are more than just Heart Shaped Sunglasses, we are a Mindset, An Attitude, a movement aiming to spread LOVE, we use our Love Glasses as a tool to remind us that we are the superpower.
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Love Glasses Revolution
Love Glasses Revolution
Let's spread the LOVE one pair at a time.
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