Love Glasses are more than heart shaped glasses, they are reminders that you are the SUPERPOWER
Tara Ijai Love Glasses Revolution

It's the Start of a New Revolution, and Tara Ijai Is the LeaderJust days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order where he banned people from several countries entry to the United States I figured now would be a better time than ever to publish an interview with an...

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Otto D Show Love Glasses Revolution

Monday's at 7 pm Otto D brings a natural conversational energy to the show creating a casual setting that allows his guests to relax and freely share their personal stories. As a platinum award winning engineer/ producer himself with credits ranging from Jordin Sparks to Kenny Rogers, Otto D knows...

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"LOVE GLASSES are amazing, stylish and FUN to wear but they are more than that. They are a symbol and statement that you are choosing to see the good and BE the good in the world. It's a message to the world that you live on your own terms and...

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